As a recognized partner-of-choice within corporate finance, our mission is to continually go above and beyond with the provision of  leading expertise and strategic solutions that drives value and positions clients for even greater success.

Inspiring organizations to go further and reach new heights with exemplary corporate finance services.

Through our collaborative style, disciplined approach and strategic design, we are committed to delivering the very best for our valued-clients each and every time, and we will never lose sight of that.


A Signature of Excellence

The Kluane Partners logo is a symbol of excellence. Its purposefully crafted design is simple yet effective which further reflects the nature our company – providing effective solutions through streamlined and efficient practices. The juxta positioning of the bold and regular typeface reinforces this symbolism – representative of delivering real value through bold solutions. The lines that strategically frame the left and bottom of the logo have been specifically designed to showcase our expertise, which acts as a solid foundation for Kluane, and the openness that further reflects endless opportunities. The font usage is clean and modern which symbolizes trust and integrity. And finally, the hunter green colour selection is a traditional colour that embraces our values, history and experience while also being globally recognized for balance, renewal, determination and prosperity.



Kluane National park (pronounced  KLÜ-ȮN-EĒ) is one of Canada’s most respected habitats. It is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Yukon, Canada and covers 22,013 square kilometers (8,499 sq mi). The park includes the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan, located in the Saint Elias range. Mountains and glaciers dominate the park’s landscape,  and it plays home to 105 species of birds, including the rock ptarmigan and the golden and bald eagle.

As the foundation behind our brand, Kluane plays an important role in helping us develop and share our own story. At the centre of Kluane National Park is Mount Logan – the highest peak in Canada.  This commanding presence dominates the landscape and sets a precedence throughout the country. It is this precedence of setting the highest standards possible and elevating our practices that drives Kluane Partners. The diverse and challenging landscape further signifies the diversity within business and our commitment to assist clients in navigating through complexities so we can position them for even greater success.