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Kluane Partners (“klü-ȯn-eē”) is a distinguished corporate and capital finance advisory firm located in downtown Calgary. Kluane Partners and its team has developed and executed numerous solutions for non-profits, medium sized businesses, and large corporations with deals ranging in value from $1MM – $150MM. Taking a client-centric approach, Kluane focuses on designing and executing cost-effective strategies to achieve each client’s organizational objectives. Kluane helps clients successfully meet these objectives with 20 plus years of executive expertise in banking and accounting services. Thus, Kluane Partners’ involvement in clients’ projects adds credibility and inspires confidence in investors and lenders alike.



Kluane Partners Will Find Solutions For Your Financing And Capital Needs


  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Market Consolidation
  • Growth Capex


  • Working Capital Requirements
  • Major Covenant Breach
  • Distressed Debt Purchase
  • Recapitalizations
  • Deficiency Payments


  • Shareholder Take-Outs, “Shot-Guns”
  • Management Buy-Outs, Leveraged Buy-outs
  • Recapitalizations, Privatizations
  • Succession Plans
  • Health Issues


Kluane Partners Will Develop Workable Solutions To Preserve Corporate Value


  • Develop, Negotiate, and Manage Agreements and Discussion with Creditors
  • Provide Interim Management Support via a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)
  • Develop and Implement Cost Reduction Initiatives While Stabilizing Core Operations
  • Identify and Pursue Liquidity And Financing Options and Provide Financial Projections
  • Establish, And Maintain Communications With Key Stakeholders (Banks, Boards, Shareholders)


  • Monitor Debtor Compliance With Forbearance Agreements While also Providing Accurate Information To Creditors
  • Analysis of Pro-forma Short and Long-Term Cash Flow Projections and Review and Reporting On All Transactions
  • Review/Develop Financial Models and Sensitivity Analysis and Analyze Historical Financial Results


Kluane Partners’ offers unique cost-effective accounting, finance, and restructuring solutions to maximize shareholder value and business wealth. Kluane focuses on helping businesses navigate and succeed throughout the many stages of their development and will always find creative financing solutions for its clients, regardless of their stage or status. Kluane Partners has already had the opportunity to help many companies achieve their financial goals, and through this success been able to build a strong reputation in the Alberta market place. Kluane can help businesses:

• Gain access to growth capital, working capital, debt, and equity
• Find take-out financing for disgruntled lenders
• Navigate stakeholder relationships in an insolvency situation
• Enrich relationship(s) with existing lender(s) by improving accounting and transparency
• Develop creative structures to optimize the use of financing to improve overall operations and create long-lasting business wealth

“After running my family business for over 20 years I realized there was an opportunity to expand. I didn’t know how to navigate this transition, nor was my company prepared for growth. Kluane was able to help me develop a strategy, find me capital, and help with my internal accounting.”


“My company was in a difficult situation with our lender. We missed multiple loan payments due to the economic climate. Kluane Partners helped us manage this relationship, bought us more time, and found us short-term financing to get through the difficult months. Would definitely recommend.”



Kluane Partners takes pride in maintaining strong relationships with various institutional lenders throughout Canada. Kluane’s involvement on lender projects ensures speed and accuracy of results while also allowing lenders to focus on more pressing work. Due to a proven track record of success and trustworthy team of professionals, over 75% of Kluane’s clients derive from a lender referrals. Kluane Partners can help lenders:

• Supplement the debtors management team and accounting staff to provide transparency and address critical needs
• Mitigate risk by acting as an intermediary with debtors
• Analysis of debtors internal controls and corporate business plan, outlining reasonableness of assumptions
• Improve the flow of communication with debtors and provide accurate weekly reporting to lenders

“Kluane was able to help us with one of our difficult clients. They came in and provided accurate weekly reporting. Working with our client and Kluane we were able to wind-down our position successfully”


“Kluane was brought in to deal with a distressed client. Their team were able to clean-up the story, mitigate our loss, and find another lender to buy our paper ”



Kluane Partners has successfully developed and executed solutions for many different companies. This is a small sample of Kluane Partners’ success stories.


Mid-sized Oil & Gas producer breached covenants with lender, which triggered loan repayment and cash sweeps. Management was not able to manage crisis thus CFO resigned.

• Negotiated 60 days from lender
• Developed recapitalization plan
• Secured take-out financing


The non-for-profit Calgary Chapter for the ACG had poor accounting records and had significant loss of income due to poor event attendance and poor collections of receivables.

• Assigned team of accountants to take control of bookkeeping
• Enhanced reporting function and overall customer service
• Calgary Chapter now has cash surplus


AB/ BC District of the Lutheran Church had two investment funds totaling ~$140MM with 3600 individual depositors. The funds were insolvent and filed for CCAA in Jan 2015.

• Kluane acted as Chief Restructuring Officer
• Developed plan to monetize investments
• Solidified accounting controls
• Created value and strategized corporate carve-out with cash-flowing assets


Management was looking for a financial partner who would provide $20 – $30MM growth capital to acquire additional funeral homes in Western Canada.

• Successfully replaced existing $7MM senior debt loan with revolving facility of $20MM
• Provided advisory services on three funeral home acquisitions
• On track to double in annual revenue and EBITDA


Mid-sized steel manufacturer had severe working capital issues and material liabilities with Canada Revenue Agency. Management unable to manage crisis.

• Interim CEO on-site facilitating stakeholder relationships
• Crisis management of AP and AR
• Successfully limited shareholder personal guarantees
• Negotiated terms to repay creditors


O&G parts supplier had no designated accountant and was unable to provide adequate reporting. Lender threatened to put company into default and pursue personal guarantees.

• Chartered accountant on-site full time
• Implemented accounting controls
• Successfully delivered accurate and timely reporting
• Relationship with lender vastly improved


Medium sized O&G services company grossing $10MM in revenue a year had poor accounting and internal controls. Company unable produce accurate financial reporting.

• Two full-time designated accountants staffed
• Successfully recreated two years of accounting records and provided weekly reporting to lender
• Uncovered over $750,000 of lost working capital


Business received 10 day notice from lender to enforce on company’s assets as well as personal guarantees. Lender appointed a Monitor to review their position.

• Successfully managed relationship with Monitor and lender
• Assisted with negotiations with new lender and secured financing
• Company now grossing $15MM per year


Services company no longer reporting or communicating with Lender due to the status of the company. Lender’s relationship with client no longer manageable.

• Successfully mediated relationship between the lender and its client
• Provided accurate weekly reporting
• Strategized a plan for lender to wind-down their position


Kluane Partners has a niche team of experienced professionals with over 50 years of combined experience and various complimentary skills.


E: zach.board(at)klupart.com
PH: 403.589.6484

Zachary Board has been with Kluane Partners since 2014 and works for both the Accounting and Debt Restructuring departments. Over the past years, he has worked alongside the Kluane team to review and repair unreliable financial statements, implement proper controls and procedures, manage and forecast cash flows, and provide financial data to assist in the decision making process. Zach has experience working with many companies in many different industries, each with varying financial situations. Zach’s most recently worked on a restructuring of a distressed O&G firm.

Zach is currently working towards his CPA while working with Kluane Partners.

Managing Director

E: charles.bougie(at)klupart.com
PH: 403.970.0449

Charles co-founded Kluane Partners in 2014. Prior to starting Kluane Partners, Mr. Bougie served as Senior Principal at Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund co-managing a multibillion portfolio of private equity and infrastructure investments, and was also a Director at BMO Capital Partners providing complex structured finance solutions to Canadian private companies. Mr. Bougie made a career of investing institutional capital in a variety of industries across Canada, the United States and Europe. Charles originated, structured and closed over 40 transactions ranging from private equity leverage buyouts, management buyouts, venture capital, growth capital financings, mezzanine to a variety of debt financings. Mr. Bougie was also an early investor and played an instrumental role at a successful start-up venture named Daiya (raising non-dilutive capital and leading operations) which was ultimately sold for over $US 400 million. Prior to his career in finance, Charles was a consultant at a firm named USC Consulting Group which specializes in process improvement and operational excellence serving fortune 500 clients.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University and a Masters in Business Administration from Ivey Business School. Charles is a member of the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), is the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Calgary Chapter, and is a former board member of the Alberta Bicycle Association. On weekends Charles is known to be an outdoor enthusiast, typically spending his time skiing or competing at various cycling events.

We have access to capital from all sources

Kluane Partners is well versed in closing numerous transactions from a variety of sources and types of capital.
The team will seek financing alternatives and will structure and close a deal that aligns the interest of the stakeholders of the company.



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Kluane National Park and Reserve are two units of Canada’s national park system, located in the extreme southwestern corner of Yukon, Canada. Kluane National Park Reserve was established in 1972, covering 22,013 square kilometers (8,499 sq mi). The park includes the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan (5,959 m or 19,551 ft) of the Saint Elias Mountains. Mountains and glaciers dominate the park’s landscape, covering 82% of its area. It contains close to 105 species of birds, including the rock ptarmigan and the golden and bald eagle.